SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Midterm • Name:

  1. 16 January Banana patch clean-up What important nutrient do yellow fleshed bananas contain?
  2. 21 January Ethnobotanical garden clean-up You probably did not think you were signing up for SC/SS 115 Land Cleaning. What are the educational learning reasons for maintaining an ethnobotanical garden?
  3. 23 January Hike into the valley of the ferns Plants have names, uses, and meanings. During the hike the meanings of Microsorum scolopendria when worn as a mwarmwar on Pohnpei and Asplenium nidus when displaye on of a yam were presented. What is one of those two meanings?
  4. 30 January Moss, lycophyte, monilophyte presentations
    A. Sketch Lycopodiella cernua and correctly label the strobili and microphylls. B. Sketch Microsorum scolopendria, identify the frond shape, and correctly label the sori and rhizome.
  5. For each of the following frond types, list the name of a fern in your language that exhibits this frond type.
    fern fronds
  6. 11 February Healing plants presentation Jenny spoke about a healing use of a plant she called topwuk (Premna obtusifolia). What illness do the small, black, ripe berries help treat?
    Jenny with topwuk
  7. 13 February Healing plants presentation Hanae presented a plant that has never been presented before in ethnobotany, green onion. What illness is treated by green onion and how do you use the green onion?
    Hanae at the board
  8. 13 February Healing plants essay Define the following terms.
  9. 19 February Pwunso botanic garden visit Matching. Connect the following names with the correct image.
    [Agathis lanceolata] [Araucaria heterophylla] [Cycas circinalis]

    Agathis lanceolata strap-like leaves Araucaria
  10. What is the name and use of the following spice:
    Cloves Cloves Cloves
  11. What is the name and use of the following beverage:
    Coffee Coffea arabica leaf Coffea arabica fruit
  12. 25 February Angiosperms Label the diagram below - which side of the diagram is dicots and which side is monocots?
    monocot and dicot features
  13. What are the key differences between angiosperms and gymnosperms?
  14. 27 February Island Food Community of Pohnpei What the the CHEEF benefits. Give both the name of the benefit and briefly explain the benefit.