SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Test One • Name:

  1. 20 August Banana patch clean-up What basic skills, knowledge, or attitudes did you acquire while cleaning up the banana patch?
  2. 22 August Ethnobotanical garden clean-up You probably did not think you were signing up for SC/SS 115 Land Cleaning. What are the educational learning reasons for maintaining an ethnobotanical garden??
  3. 27 August Hike into the valley of the ferns List the local name (if any) in your language for the following lycophytes and monilophytes and the use of the plant. The use can be from anywhere in Micronesia.
    1. Lycopodiella cernua:
    2. Asplenium nidus:
    3. Microsorum scolopendria:
    4. Nephrolepis exaltata:
    5. Cyclosorus maemonensis:
  4. 03 September Moss, lycophyte, monilophyte presentations
    A. Sketch Lycopodiella cernua and correctly label the strobili and microphylls. B. Sketch Microsorum scolopendria, identify the frond shape, and correctly label the sori and rhizome.
  5. To the best of your ability, label as completely and correctly as possible the following moss life cycle diagram.
  6. 05 September Healing plants essay Define the following terms.
    1. Evidence based medicine:
    2. Indigenous healing systems:
    3. Integrative medicine:
  7. 10 September Traditional Plants garden at Pohnpei campus Toughie: On the ground were small, shiny red seeds from the Adenanthera pavonina tree that Dana picked up and ate as snack food. What is the name of this tree in your language?
  8. 12 September Healing plants presentation Marino spoke about a healing use of Psidium guajava (guava leaf) that is well known across Micronesia. What illness can be controlled by the use of four young leaves?
    Marino with guava leaves
  9. 17 September Healing plants presentation Ursula spoke about the use of Curcuma longa, tumeric ginger, in a treatment. According to Ursula, what condition can be treated with Curcuma longa?
    Ursula with Curcuma longa
  10. 19 September Haruki cemetery clean-up What was the intent of the Haruki settlement and why did it fail?
  11. 24 September Pwunso botanic garden visit Three gymnosperm samples are present in the laboratory (i, j, k). Match the sample to the Latin name below using the letters i, j, k.
    1. _____ Agathis lanceolata
    2. _____ Araucaria heterophylla (some sources: Araucaria columnaris)
    3. _____ Cycas circinalis
  12. What is the English name of the spice/food/beverage on sheet p?
  13. What is the English name of the spice/food/beverage on sheet q?
  14. What is the English name of the spice/food/beverage on sheet r?
  15. 01 October Gymno and Angiosperm presentations For each of the eight diagrams below, circle whether the plant feature shown is characteristic of a dicot or a monocot.
    monocot and dicot features
  1. Lycopodiella cernua
  2. Asplenium nidus
  3. Microsorum scolopendria
  4. Nephrolepis exaltata
  5. Cyclosorus maemonensis