SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany test two ✿ ❦ ❀ Name:

  1. On 19 February the class visited the Pwunso botanic garden to view gymnosperms and economically valuable plants. Name three economically valuable plants seen that day and their use:
  2. On 26 February Markina covered the stem structure for woody plants including gymnosperms and dicots. What are the functions of the bark, phloem, and xylem?
    Markina on stem structure
  3. During our 28 February visit to Island Food Community, you learned about the CHEEF benefits of local food. What are the CHEEF benefits - what do the letters in CHEEF signify?
    Island Food Community presentation
  4. 05 March. Compare and contrast a banana sword sucker and a water sucker.
    Sword sucker banana shoot (pup)
  5. 07 March. What is the cultural significance and uses of Kosraean fafa fiti?
    Kosraean fafa fiti
  6. 12 March. You probably did not think you were signing up for SC/SS 115 Land Cleaning. What are the educational learning reasons for maintaining an ethnobotanical garden?
    Roxann ethnobotanical gardening in style
  7. 14 March. For the swamp taro seen in the image, what is the name of the leaf shape?
    leaf shape: sagittate
  8. Label the parts of a leaf.
    Vegetative morphology blade petiole stem
  9. 19 March. Label and identify the following parts of a solitary flower. Include the whorl names as well as the names of the parts.
    Floral morphology petals filament ovary pistil stigma anther sepals
  10. Floral formula as SVG diagram K5C5A∞G5 K5C5A∞G5 Floral morphology. For the floral formula shown, indicate the number of sepals, petals, stamens, and stigmas.
    ____ sepals
    ____ petals
    ____ stamens
    ____ stigmas
  11. ________________________________ What plant has a flower with the above floral formula?
  12. On March 21 the class went to Haruki for Ohigan. What is Ohigan?
  13. 26 March. Plants can have spiritual meanings. Why might an elderly Pohnpeian plant Ocimum tenuiflorum (kadiring, aring, lamar) on either side of the pathway to their home?
    Ocimum tenuiflorum
  14. ______________ In what country is the kente cloth worn by Lee Ling on 04 April an example of material culture?
  15. 09 April. What is the cultural and symbolic significance of a Pohnpeian kiam?
  16. 16 April. What is the Latin and local Pohnpeian name for this invasive species of plant?
    Clidemia hirta
  17. 18 April. ________________________ What is the psychoactive compound in betel nut?
  18. What is the primary effect on drinkers of dihydrokavain (DHK) and dihydromethysticin (DHM) in the Piper methysticum plant?
  19. What is the primary effect on drinkers of Kavain in the Piper methysticum plant?
  20. 25 April. When planting banana suckers, what is the minimum recommended planting distance in feet between the banana sword suckers?