SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany test two ✿ ❦ ❀ Name:

  1. Thursday 10 February
    On the Pwunso Botanic Garden field trip the class observed Coffea arabica.
  2. ____________________ What is the local name in your language for the Calophyllum inophyllum tree we viewed near the end of the Pwunso walk?
  3. Thursday 17 February
    ___________________, ____________________ Toughie: how observant are you? Two gymnosperms are now growing in the area between the two faculty buildings, classroom A and classroom B. One has been there a long time, one I planted just this term. Give the common English names for these two gymnosperms, names that you learned in the gymnosperm presentations.
  4. Tuesday 22 February
    What visible characteristic can one use to select varieties of bananas high in beta carotene, vitamin A?
  5. Tuesday 01 March
    What are the survival importances of mar for atoll islanders such as the Pingalapese?
  6. Tuesday 08 March
    Vegetative morphology matching. Use the leaves in the laboratory to match each leaf to the most appropriate leaf shape name:
  7. Tuesday 15 March 2011
    There are two styles of Pohnpeian thatching that were seen on the 15th, doakoahs en Ruk and doakoahs en Pohnpei. Make a sketch of each depicting the differences in the two styles of thatching.
  8. Tuesday 22 March
    What is Ohigan?
  9. Thursday 17, 24 March
    What are the culturally critical differences between the ong gal' presented by Elvira and the nipwepwe presented by Syleen?
  10. Floral formula as SVG diagram K5C4A4G1 K5C4A3G2 Tuesday 29 March. Floral morphology. For the floral formula shown, indicate the number of sepals, petals, stamens, and stigmas.
    ____ sepals
    ____ petals
    ____ stamens
    ____ stigmas
  11. Tuesday 05 April
Sketch a leaf. Label the petiole, blade, midrib, and axillary bud. For a flower in the laboratory, sketch the flower and correctly label the parts. Write the floral formula.

Essay Question

01 April 2009. Founding Day in odd numbered years provides a rare opportunity for students to display their material culture.

Which Founding Day group best displayed their material culture?

Do not just name a group. Name the group and explain WHY you think that group best displayed their material culture.

To the best of your ability use correct grammar and spelling. Write a well-formed essay. Use specific examples from Founding Day. Cite evidence from that day to support your statements.

Floral formula as SVG diagram