Policy on Memorial Trees


To permit individuals or organizations to request that a memorial tree, or "memory tree," commemorating a person with a significant connection the the college.


The purpose of this policy is provide procedures for commemorating a person with a significant connection to the college by designating a tree on campus in their memory. This policy has been developed to make sure that this can be accomplished and that standard procedures are followed by all requesting individuals or organizations.

This policy may also be referred to for guidance on memorial benches and monuments that may be placed on campus to recognise events of significance to the campus community.


This policy would apply to all sites of the college.



As delineated in the procedure above, primary decision making responsibility is retained by the vice president for administration at the national site and by the site directors at the other sites. Responsibility for relocating a tree or plaque is retained to the grounds and maintenance personnel.


Section retained for future use.

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