Plants that feed us presentations

cantina vinton
Cantina and Vinton

Cantina, Vinton, and Vinnesalyn presented Kosraen sup usr. A fish chowder made with cooking banana.

sup usr
Sup usr

pihlolo mwehng
Pihlolo mwehng

Ben Albert and Nartha Eliam presented Mwoakillese pihlolo mwehng. Boiled and ground hard taro (giant swamp taro) with coconut milk.

mahi piahia
Mahi piahia

Edmond, Cynthia, and Suanrita presented boiled breadfruit with coconut topping, Pohnpeian mahi piahia.

stephanie fredrick
Stephanie Fredrick

Stephanie was part of a multi-person team representing Kitti. Stephanie brought Pohnpeian uht sukusuk, pounded banana with coconut milk.

uht sukusuk
Uht sukusuk

Maycleen presented a Pohnpeian dish related to mahi piahia, mahi sukusuk. In this variation the breadfruit is pounded prior to coconut milk being poured on top.

mahi sukusuk piahia
Mahi sukusuk: pounded breadfruit, piahia: coconut milk


Paulino presented Pohnpeian muter en mwang. Boiled, ground hard taro is kneaded with sugar. Coconut gratings are added after the taro starts to stiffen. The coconut gratings are kneaded into the balls.

ompwokuon utin ruk
Ompwokuon utin ruk

Paulino made ompwokuon utin ruk. Paulino noted that his grandmother was the source of the recipe and that the word "ompwokuon" means "overcooked" hence the dish might be translated "overcooked banana from Chuuk." The banana is double boiled, with a water change midway through the boiling process. The banana should redden slightly, and the characteristic smell of utin ruk should be gone. Pound with hibiscus and add coconut milk on top. No other Pohnpeian had heard of this dish, it appears to be a unique family specialty.

kehpen dol
Kehpen dol

Mauricio presented Pohnpeian kehpen dol, boiled yam.


Rusi and Santryco presented mwuter, Pohnpeian hard taro balls. Note that spelling follows that provided by the students.

gloria, fried banana
Gloria with fried banana

Gloria brought uht pirain made from utin ruk.

arleen mwatun
Arleen presented mwatun

Arleen, Chersea, and Kehlen presented mwatun kkon. Kkon is a general name for pounded breadfruit in Chuuk. There are special variations for particular occasions.

  1. tukuta For funerals
  2. mwatun For leaders and big occasions
  3. nuupen For family and visiting relatives
  4. epwet Preserved, fermented breadfruit
  5. emesefich For asking for marriage. Presented by groom's family.

Kkon is a sign of wealth, manhood. Mwatun is also used when asking for forgiveness. Those seeking forgiveness bring mwatun with fish. If the aggrieved party eats the mwatun, then all is forgiven. If the aggrieved party sends the mwatun away, then they do not accept the apology.



Benjamin and Mathew presented on taro. Pwuna is hard taro, wot is soft taro.


My thanks to the students for the special day!