SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany bananas planting information

  1. Collect sword suckers (like a sword the corymb is big and the leaves are much smaller) not water suckers which are not healthy planting material (big leaves but corms are small and false stem very skinny from corm to the leaves)
  2. Clean the corm and pseudostem of dirt.
  3. Clean the corm (also referred to as a rhizome) by rinsing with a nine to one water to bleach mixture.
  4. Remove any black spots from the corm by cutting.
  5. Place in a plastic bag for a couple weeks to allow new eyes to develop.
  6. Plant with the old pseudostem slanted to prevent apical dominance from causing the old pseudostem apical meristem to regrow.

Banana corm pseudostem text layers pseudostem apical meristem banana corm