Pohnpei Traditional Plants Ethnobotanical Garden

06 September 2007

With thanks to Director Weilbacher and Totoa Fetalai-Currie, the SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class enjoyed a excellent introduction to the unit on healing plants.

The students glance over the hand-out which is a condensed Pohnpeian flora of the plants in the garden. The list contains 117 plants. Where the latin binomial or names for a plant from other islands is known, that is included as well.

09061165lecture_happens (59K)

09061166class (65K)

The field trip replaces what used to be an in-class lecture. The same basic material is now delivered more in the lecture manner of the Peripatetic school of Aristotle - while walking and pausing along the paths of a garden and using the plants as the examples. Garry pauses at Cinnamomum carolinense, madeu. The plant provides an opportunity to explain indigenous versus native plants.

09061169garry_madeu (75K)

As the photographer is kept busy explaining, asking questions, and answering queries, few photos tend to get taken.

At the end of the class Divine Grace asked for a photo of her in the traditional hut.

09061175divine_grace (63K)