Ethnobotany Test One • Name:

I. Matching: Write letters under correct image below.

Place the letter for the correct name of the plant under the picture of the plant. Write the name in your first language (L1), if any. Your language might not have a name for the plant. If so, then leave the item blank. Write down a use for the plant in Micronesia. The use can be from any culture.

A. Asplenium nidus      D. Moss                       G. Thelypteris maemonensis 
B. Cyanobacteria        E. Nephrolepis spp.
C. Lycopodium cernuum   F. Phymatosorus scolopendria           
nostoc Balls of green jelly found on rocky ground in the sun.
1. ____
L1 name:

Local use:
moss Found on rocks near rivers, on tree trunks, and in the shade.
2. ____
L1 name:
Local use:
lycopodium cernuum Fuzzy almost furry plant found on sunny hilltops beyond the gym.
3. ____
L1 name:

Local use:
asplenium nidus Usually found growing on trees.
4. ____
L1 name:
Local use:
phymatosorus scolopendria Found growing on trees, including coconut palms. Also grows on the ground.
5. ____
L1 name:

Local use:
Thelypteris maemonensis Found growing on the shady forest floor.
6. ____
L1 name:
Local use:
rehdil (28K) 082508nephrolepis_sori (64K) Also found growing on the shady forest floor.
7. ____
L1 name:
Local use:

Linguistic matching

As best as you can, match the word to the language or language subgroup

8. ________ English
9. ________ Faichuukese
10. ________ Kapinga
11. ________ Kitti
12. ________ Kosraen
13. ________ latin
14. ________ Pingelapese
15. ________ Pohnpeian
16. ________ Pollapese
17. ________ Yapese
A. Nephrolepis spp.
B. sword fern
C. ka
D. reh
E. rehdil
F. roahdil
G. lo'godaha
H. ammarëu
I. amääre
J. alaw'

II. Short Answer

18. Jörg, Elsielynn, and Jayce covered the morphology of fern using the following diagram. Add the following labels to the drawing below. Write the label and draw a line to the correct part of the fern.

undivided frond     lobed frond     singly divided frond     stipe     rachis     pinnae
083029fern_morphology (79K)

19. Sketch a fertile fern frond including sori and label the sori in your drawing.

20. What is the function of sori?

III. Short essay answer

What is an ethnobotanical garden and why would it be important to a culture?