SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany gymnosperm presentations

Gymnosperm life cycle

10021424gymno_life_cycle_a (68K)

Jörg explains the life cycle of the typical conifer to the class.

10021433jorg_gymno_lifecycle (36K)

Gymnosperm morphology: needles, awls, and straps.

10021440gymno_morph (46K)

Stallone, Ihney, and Garry explain the vascular layers including the secondary xylem (wood), cambium (growth layer), phloem (sap carrying), and bark layers.

10021442stallone_ihney (33K)

Garry also presented the specifics concerning each layer, the class remained focused.

10021443garry_class (50K)

10021444garry_classleft (49K) 10021445class_right (56K)

Julia covered Araucariaceae including Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk island pine) and Agathis robusta (kauri pine, possibly A. lanceolata).

10021446julia (33K)

Students presenting information in front of the class is an design intent of the course. Lisa Lollaine explains the differences between monocots and dicots.

10021454lisalollaine (29K)

Minus her partner, Juslyn had to solo the angiosperm life cycle presentation.

10021458juslyn (35K)

10021462cloves_coffee_h500 (33K)This term I deleted the exercise late in the term involving researching various economically important plants. The location in the term felt out of place, especially as the botanic garden field trip early in the term includes economic botany. Having decided back in August to drop the exercise, I realized as I prepared for a larger than prior terms class that I could create groups to present on the plants of the garden. This went well, but the period is simply not long enough to fit everything in. Future terms might prune the gymnosperm presentations, add chocolate, and divide up the economically valuable plants of the garden among more pairs. Angiosperms should also be broken into two groups. Maybe delete the cycad life cycle, Araucaria presentation? Leaf shape always looks nice but is lightweight.

Elterina covers cloves and coffee.

Junior and Diva handled mace and nutmeg.

10021467nutmeg_mace (44K)

10021468mace_clove (32K)

Spirit week is on at the college, and Tuesday happened to be weird day, hence the garbage bag outfit.

10021469john (32K)

Sinolet and Emily covered allspice and black pepper.

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