Ethnobotanical garden clean-up

09 October 2007

The students are instructed to preserve ferns to the extent possible. Here Julia is clearing around the fern patch under the mango tree.

Julia cleaning up around the ferns, Jefflyn raking

10091560andrew (72K)
Andrew cleaning in the area of the gardenia, orange ixora, and banana

The large class size has stretched the limits of the available equipment. A number of the women in the class expressed a preference for shorter knives such as 18 inch knife. The shorter knives, being in short supply, left some students swinging 22 and 24 inch machetes. Here Lyna swings two feet of sharp steel.

10091565lyna_bigknife (78K)
Lyna cleans up along a small berm

Posing is discouraged but inevitable. Juslyn and Lyna pause for a photo opportunity.

Juslyn and Lyna

Pertin demonstrated the sharp experienced eyes of one familiar with the work and the terrain. Deeply hidden under months of razor grass he finds a dihng plant. This plant had eluded this author's own summer cleaning efforts and no other student had realized that the plant was under all that grass.

Pertin clears out grass and neem.

Corbette clears around a student planted banana of yet to be determined variety.

10091570corbette_banana (74K)

Clerodendrum inerme
Clerodendrum inerme

Rakes and pullers are also used to clean-up in the garden.

Jayce and Elsieleen

Sinolet is a very enthusiastic member of the class and has an eye for gardening and plants.


Field days are not all work. There are sometimes opportunities to eat, or just watch. Mary-vic keeps an eye on Lisa Lollaine, Jayce, and Elsieleen.

Jörg, Garry, and Mary-Vic

Midion. Stallone and John Junior in the background

Corbette, Sinolet, and the rest of class head up the slope into a western sun

Three amigos ride into a setting sun
Three head for home into the setting sun

Haruki cemetery walk

The walk included pouring rain throughout most of the visit on a dark and appropriately somber afternoon. Only one image was attempted after the class dismissed.

10111652jorg_pertin (63K)