SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany field trip to FSM CDA

On the 25th of October the SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class made a trip to the FSM Coconut Development Authority. The class thanks the FSMCDA, Namio Nanpei, the employees, and those at the college who make this field trip possible. The class arrived at 4:00 P.M., a time at which the facility is in final clean-up mode for the day. Despite the waning of the working day, the class was warmly welcomed and allowed to tour the facility. Prior to the class arriving I shot a couple images of equipment.

oil press

Oil press dry-out

With the oil removed, the dry output is not unlike a crumbly cracker

A commercial grinder

FSM CDA delivery vehicle - powered by coconut oil!

The students arriving at 4:00

This field trip pushes the boundaries of an hour and half class period. With a half an hour of transport at either end, there is only a scant 30 minutes to move through the facility. I was honored to have the opportunity to lead the tour and explain the equipment.

Juslyn, Lyna, and Pertin listening

During this portion of the term the class is focusing on material cultural uses of plants. Plants used for housing, transportation, and other material uses. The FSMCDA is a nice example of a business based on a local plant. The operation is also an example of economic botany - the economic use of plants.

Diva enjoys a photo opportunity


After the class the students bought chocolate coconut popsicles

Three happy chocolate coconut popsicle eaters