SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany

NTBG presentations

24 April 2007

Field Botanist Steve Perlman and Field Botanist Assistant Natalia Tangalin from the National Tropical Botanic Garden presented on endangered and all-but-extinct plants of Hawaii and the Plant Extinction Prevention Project. David Lawrence, Director of Science at NTBG joined the class along with Wayne Law of the New York Botanic Garden.

042402steve (47K)

Steve describes the loss of plant species while Emyleen listens.

042403steve (45K)

Natalia, Evelyn, and Bev.

042404natalia (45K)

Annie up front and attentive.

042405class (50K)

Stephen, RS, and Greda.

042407greda (42K)

01 May 2007

David Lorence on the Pohnpei Botanic Garden and the Kuperiso trip

050120david_lorence (46K) 050121david_lorence (46K)

03 May 2007

SPC Forestry informal contact with National Tropical Botanic Garden

050323ntbg_nybg_joy (55K) 050324ntbg_nybg_joy (56K)

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