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April 19

Images from a clean-up day on the 19th of April.

Shellain with grass shears looks up at a Hibiscus tiliaceus tree. Greda uses a hand hoe to clean up around plants planted by the students in the fall 2006 ethnobotany class.

041909shellain_emyleen (89K) 041910greda (77K)

Aireen and Irene wade through the razor grass looking for "lost" plants from prior terms. Stephen cleans up around an apple tree.

041911aireen_irene (81K) 041912stephen (64K)

Pernes stands back as Teine and Annie clean up around the akadahn weitahta banana trees. Michelle pulls grass back from a Clerodendrum inerme.

041914pernes (87K) 041915michelle (77K)

Priana examines a yam that appeared in the garden. She determined that it was not intentionally planted and will not develop properly. The second shot and remaining images were taken by a student in the class.

041917priana (81K) 041918priana (67K)< /p>

Ceasar enjoying a local treat.

041919ceasar (87K) 041920ceasar (56K)

Other images captured by Andrew.

041921pernes (75K)

041922dana (49K) 041923disheveled (44K)

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