Botanic Garden Field Trip fall 15 February 2007

Working on the ferns. Images of ferns. Asplenium nidus with Davillia spp. possibly solida?

20070215086fern (69K)

Desire to identify

20070215091fern (64K)

Shots of Ixora spp. in the garden

20070215093ixora (54K) 20070215094ixora (34K)

Umbrella tree growing as an epiphyte (!) on a palm tree.

20070215095epiphytic_tree (73K)

Roystonia elata. Florida royal palm.

Roystonia elata

Possibly Phoenix roebelenii?

20070215097phoenix_roebelenii (78K) 20070215098phoenix_roebelenii (73K)

The Cycas circinalis cycad is in cone.

20070215602cycad (80K) 20070215603cycad_cone (63K) 20070215604cycad_cone (60K)

Black pepper, Piper nigrum.

20070215608piper_nigrum (42K)

The teak (Tectona grandis) remains difficult to image.

20070215613tectona_grandis (85K) 20070215614tectona_grandis (45K)

Images of the students

Irene relaxes before the rigors of the walk.

Irene Charley

The rest of the class led by Priana and Zachary arrives from the bus .

Priana Andereas and Zacahry Taweryan

Wilson and Stephen leave the Araucaria heterophylla, Norfolk island pines.

Wilson Taulung, Stephen Iphraim

Teine and Greda, Evelyn in the background.

Teine George, Greda Irons

Class shot by Eva.

20070215610class (108K)

En route to the kauri, mahogany, and teak.

20070215611japanese_ag_station (65K)

Walking among the Eucalptus deglupta, also known as the Painted gum or Mindanao gum tree.

20070215615painted_gums (69K)

Sepe Clarence joined the class for the day - the class' first "groupie"

20070215619sepe_winton (59K)

Gratuitous photo opportunity shot.

20070215610pernes_ceasar_greda (59K)