Test 02

  1. Bring a leaf from Yolanie's and Bresinta's kipar.
  2. Bring a branch with leaves in alternate arrangement.
  3. Bring a leaf with parallel venation.
  4. Bring a leaf with pinnate venation.
  5. Bring a cordate leaf.
  6. Bring an obovate leaf.
  7. Bring the flower of a dicot.
  8. Bring the flower of a monocot.
  9. Bring a solitary inflorescence.
  10. How many anthers are on the solitary inflorescence?
  11. Show me the pistil of the solitary inflorescence.
  12. Bring a spike or raceme inflorescence.
  13. Wear, bring, or otherwise adorn yourself with one piece of Micronesian traditional material culture.