SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Midterm Fall 2004 • Name:

From the hike on the hills and in the valleys

1. Choose any one plant from our hike beyond the FSM China Friendship center. Give me the name of the plant you have chosen, both the English name and the Latin binomial. Write down also the local name in your language if the plant has a name in your language. Write down a local traduational use for that plant.

Cyanobacteria, Mosses, and Seedless Vascular Plants

2. Mosses, ferns, and other "primitive" plants share some common features and needs in their reproductive cycles. What are those features/needs?

Healing plants

3. Explain the difference between public (commonly known) and private (secret) healing plant knowledge.

4. Describe a healing use of a plant. The catch: you cannot describe a use for the plant you presented, you must describe a use of a plant described by another member of the class.

5. Describe, using examples from your own experience and culture the difference between a globally distributed illness such as the common cold and culturally unique diseases that are found only in one culture. On Pohnpei, for example, ghost/spirit sickness is an example of a culturally unique disease.

Botanic Garden

6. Why are there no baby Cook Island Pines on Pohnpei?

Search Engine Laboratory

7. What is the psychoactive effect of caffeine in coffee?

8. What is the psychoactiveeffect of theobromine in chocolate?