Day Date Area Topic
Tues 24 Aug   Attendance.
Thurs 26 Aug Ethno Introduction.
Tues 31 Aug Botany: field hike. Cyanobacteria, algae, fungi, bryophytes, lycopodium, ferns I
Thurs 02 Sep Botany Preparation
Tues 07 Sep Botany Group presentations bryophytes, lycopodium, ferns
Thurs 09 Sep Test One
Tues 14 Sep Ethno Plants that heal lecture. Morinda citrifolia healing uses.
Thurs 16 Sep Ethno: field hike Plant collecting process
Tues 21 Sep Ethno Healing plant individual presentations
Thurs 23 Sep Botany: field trip Ferns II, gymnosperms. Botanic garden road trip and walk
Tues 28 Sep Botany Preparation
Thurs 30 Sep Botany Group presentations gymnosperms
Tues 05 Oct Botany URL Lab: Sources and world markets for plants of the garden
Thurs 07 Oct Midterm
Tues 12 Oct Ethno Plants as food lecture. Middef due.
Thurs 14 Oct Ethno Plants as food individual presentations
Tues 19 Oct Botany: field Angiosperms: Vegetative morphology
Thurs 21 Oct Ethno Plants as the basis for material culture lecture.
Tues 26 Oct Ethno Material culture individual presentations
Thurs 28 Oct Botany: field Angiosperms: Floral morphology
Tues 02 Nov Test Two
Thurs 04 Nov Ethno Return test two. Five types of psychoactive substances.
Tues 09 Nov Ethno Entering other worlds lecture: Five types of psychoactive substances.
Thurs 11 Nov Ethno Memes and Areca catechu and Piper methysticum I: Chemistry and Uses
Tues 16 Nov Ethno Piper methysticumII Legends
Thurs 18 Nov Ethno: field trip Kava cultural ceremony
Tues 23 Nov Ethno [Entering other worlds optional individual presentations.]
Thurs 25 Nov Ethno Family forest
Tues 30 Nov   Design a garden: What plants would be in your cultural garden?
Thurs 02 Dec
Ethnobotany and conservation
Tues 07 Dec

Thurs 09 Dec THF Take home final examination essay question
Tues 14 Dec THF Take home final examination due by 4:15 P.M.