SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Test 2 Spring 2002

_____ A. ainpat usr1. Chuuk
_____ B. amaten uch2. Kosrae
_____ C. mwalin uch3. Mortlocks
_____ D. p'own che'4. Pohnpei
_____ E. uht piaia5. Yap
  1. All of the above phrases have words that mean the same thing except the phrase from one state. Which state uses a word that has an altogether different meaning?
  2. Circle the gymnosperms found on Pohnpei
    1. Bird's nest fern (Asplenium nidus)
    2. Coffee (Coffea robusta)
    3. Cook Island Pine (Araucaria columnaris)
    4. Cycad (Cycas rumphii)
    5. Gingko tree
    6. Thuja
    7. Ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa)
  3. Nif and po are:
    1. breadfruit and fermented breadfruit
    2. copra and coconut milk
    3. knife and pot
    4. pounding board and pounder
    5. stone and rock
  4. Can Cinnamonum ponapense likely be found on Yap?
  5. What is the English word for thiogang?
  6. What is the English word for puna?
  7. What is the English word for kehp?
  8. Both Mr. Lee Ling and the text covered Myristica fragrans at length. Mr. Lee Ling even blamed the plant for causing him to wind up married to his wife. What is Myristica fragrans?
  9. Based on the in class presentation, Sawa toantoal, when prepared by slicing, boiling, and punching with a stick, and then served with coconut squeezed on it, is very useful to whom and when?
  10. What plant based food is important in the Pohnpeian tributes of idihd and keidsol?
  11. If you see the bones of mahu hanging from a doorway in the Mortlocks, what special kind of person is inside that home?
  12. In the western year 1800 were the high-island societies of the FSM hunter-gatherer or agrarian?
  13. What is the word used, if any, for fermented breadfruit in your culture?
  14. What plant based foods are thought to be contributors to the rise of diabetes in the FSM?
  15. Why, in terms of blood sugar and insulin impacts, are local starches such as breadfruit and hard taro thought to be less likely to induce diabetes?
  16. The book discusses at length the traditional reasons for the development and production of fermented breadfruit, known as ma (Marquesas) or masi (Samoa). What are the these reasons?
  17. List the characteristics of a hunter-gatherer society.
  18. List the characteristics of an agrarian society.
  19. Explain where nutmeg comes from and, in some detail, why nutmeg was the starting point for Western contact with the islands of the Pacific including Micronesia.
  20. Essay question: Which is the most important food plant for your people and WHY? Be specific in your reasoning, give examples of how and why that food plant is the most important.