Gymnosperm presentations fall 2006

Cycad diagram done by a student group. All diagrams are done by students.
092893cycad (38K)

Cassandra provides an explanation
092894cassandra (19K)

Conifer life cycle diagram
Conifer life cycle diagram

Bloomy presents to the class
092896bloomy (40K)

Daisy covers conifer leaf types
092898daisy (39K)

Stem layers in conifers (and angiosperms)
0928A0stemlayers (37K)

Qulihter and Jackson present stem layers
0928A1qulihter (38K)

Differences between monocots and dicots.
monocot and dicot differences

Cenileen presents the differences between monocots and dicots.
0928A4cenileen (44K)

0928A5cenileen (34K)