Botanic Garden Spring 2005

The field trip starts off with a look at Myristica aromaticum or clove tree. The tree has not been observed to produce the flower buds that are used for producing the spice. Asher takes notes while Jessica, Daisy Mae, and Ketlin pose for a photo opportunity.
Asher Abraham Jessica Hairrick, Daisy Mae Norman, Ketlin Raymond

Lucille borrows Arsenia's back to jot a note as the class covers Araucaria columnaris. All of the Cook Island pines on Pohnpei are males.
Jessica Hainrick, Arsenia Barnabas, Lucille Pablo Kiumy Kapier

JR and Tipson stand under the Myristica fragrans.
022207jr (86K) 022208tipson (82K)

022209plomina (90K) 022211 (90K)

Mesio, Pitlynn, and JR head up the road.
022212 (71K)

Arsenia, Plomina, and Jessica look over the mangosteen tree.
Arsenia Barnabas, Plomina Ludwig, Jessica Hainrick.

A row of these trees stand in a line with the Agathis robusta and Araucaria columnaris. If the rows were planted contemporaneously, then these small trees are also on the order of 40 to 50 years old.
022213 (40K) 022214 (70K) 022214leaves (35K) 022215 (38K) 022215trunk (30K) 022216 (81K)