ESS 101j Joggling

Jogging, Juggling, Joggling, and all that Jazz: An introduction to the aerobic fitness exercises of jogging, running, and joggling. Designed for the non-runner or beginning runner.

Course Outcomes
Measurable Student Learning Outcomes. By the end of the course students will...
  1. Participate regularly in physical activity.
    1. Attend class regularly where this is defined by the parameters of the college attendance policy. Allowed: Four absences. If well enough to attend school but not well enough to jog, or injured, student can attend but not jog.
  2. Learn skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
    1. [Core] be able to jog for twenty minutes
    2. [Core] be able to juggle for ten minutes. This outcome may be completed by juggling for ten minutes during jogging.
    3. [Core] be able to joggle the indoor length of the gym
    4. [Core] be able to perform a inside cascade juggling pattern
    5. [Peripheral] be able to perform a 180 joggle turn with a radius of roughly three meters.
    6. [Peripheral] be able to joggle a lap of the sports center, a closed circuit that is roughly 300 meters in length.
    7. [Peripheral] be able to perform a shower juggling pattern
    8. [Peripheral] be able to perform a bounce juggle
    9. [Peripheral] be able to jog on a road
    10. [Peripheral] be able to jog on a trail
    11. [Optional] be able to run for twenty minutes
    12. [Optional] be able to run and juggle
    13. [Optional] be able to joggle for twenty minutes
    14. [Optional] be able to run while looking past or beyond their balls
    15. [Optional] If a day of sufficiently strong wind occurs that is not inclement: students will be able to correctly answer questions as to which leg of a closed loop joggle they are on such as windward, leeward, upwind, downwind, and cross-wind.
    16. [Optional] If a day occurs when a strong wind is hitting a building at roughly 135 degrees to a sharp corner such that an Bernoulli effect (airfoil) occurs and is experienced by the jogglers, the opportunity will be taken to demonstrate the effect with a paper airfoil.Bernoulli effect diagram where wind hits building at 135 degree angle creating airfoil effect.
  3. Determine baseline measures of personal fitness.
    1. [Core] have measured their resting heart rate
    2. [Core] have measured blood pressure
    3. [Core] have measured their jogging heart rate
    4. [Peripheral] have measured their body fat
    5. [Peripheral] have measured their foot size (men's|women's)
  4. Identify common injuries and preventative measures.
    1. [Core] be able to identify their foot pronation and arch type and the appropriate shoe structure for their foot type in an oral question and answer format
    2. [Core] be able to orally recite the words from the acronym RICE: rest ice compress elevate.
    3. [Peripheral] be able to identify the symptoms of common running injuries, preventative measures, and basic treatment in an oral question and answer format
  5. Value physical activity and its contribution to a healthful lifestyle
Instructor Intentions
Students will have an opportunity to experience the joys of aerobic exercise: the feelings of strength, energy, and stress release.
Conditions and definitions
Textbooks: None
Required course materials
Recommended course materials
Methods of instruction


Attendance policy
Appendix A: Course Details


Typical daily structure

Sample Term Schedule

WeekJog (min)Walk (min)Repeat (times)Total timeJuggle
10201201 ball toss
2127212 ball toss
31110203 ball cascade
4217213 ball cascade
5315203 ball cascade
6414203 ball shower
7613213 ball bounce
891220Straight line joggle
9 12 1 Then jog 8 min 21 Joggle turns
10151 Then jog 6 min 22 Joggle 180 turn
1120Jump for joyJump again!20 Joggle mini-lap post-run
12220122 Optional joggle during laps
13Road01 ~20 None
14 22 0Joggle 22 Joggle laps
15Trail01 ~20 None
16 24 0Joggle 24 Joggle laps

Appendix C: Release Form Language

As per College policy or as follows in the absence of such policy language:

I, _____________, wish to participate in the following College of Micronesia-FSM course or program, PE 101j Joggling, as a student. I agree to abide by all safety rules and regulations in effect during this course or program.

Please check one of the following:

___ At the current time I am in good health, I am not aware of any diseases, illnesses, or physical conditions, and have not been advised by a doctor or other medical practitioner that I have any diseases, illnesses or physical conditions, that may affect my participation in or completion of the above-described program.

____ I have the following medical conditions that may affect my ability to participate in or complete the above-described program.



I wish to participate in the above-described course or program at the College of Micronesia -FSM, and agree that the College of Micronesia-FSM, and their employees are not responsible for my participation in this program, or for any injuries that may occur during my participation in this program, or by the utilization of their equipment.

Further, the instructor of this course or program in the event that he or she believes, with or without medical evidence, that I may not participate in this course or program, or that I have physical limitations that may prevent me from participating in this course or program, has absolute discretion, and may terminate my continued participation in the course or program, at any time, with or without a valid reason. However, this discretion is not an obligation of the College of Micronesia-FSM, or its employees, nor a duty, and any failure to prevent participation on my behalf, or to limit the amount of activities involved in the course or program on my behalf, does not give rise to a renunciation of or exception to this knowing and voluntary waiver.

As I result, I agree, and voluntarily assume all responsibility for my own safety and well-being, while participating in the course or program, and agree to waive any claims for liability, injury, or other damages as a result of injury or death, against the College of Micronesia-FSM or their employees. I enter into this waiver knowingly and in advance of my participation in the course or program. By signing this waiver I will forever release any future claims against the College of Micronesia-FSM and their employees, arising out of any accident, injuries, death or other damages, on behalf of myself or my heirs or dependents, due to any accident, or other mishap, including acts of god, that may arise upon my participation in the course or program.

Dated: ____________     _________________________
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