Items requested for first reading at 08 December 2005 curriculum committee meeting:

  1. Proposal to change the mathematics general education requirement to a 100 or higher level mathematics course rather than a specific course such as MS 100 or MS 101.
  2. HCOP recommendations. Recommend that in order to ensure the nutrition program learning outcome is met, better focus the program, and to reduce the number of credit hours to more manageable level for a two year program, the following be done:
  3. Proposed institutional student learning outcomes:

    iSLO# Category Students will be able to...
    1 knowledge define, describe, demonstrate, and explain knowledge within a field of study.
    2 skills apply, use, perform, exhibit, and demonstrate skills required of a particular career or field of endeavor.
    3 creativity plan, design, develop, seek, find, synthesize, and create solutions, strategies, documents, and products.
    4 intellect exhibit the capacity for independent thought and critical thinking.
    5 communication communicate effectively through writing, speaking, performing, exhibiting, or other forms of expression.
    6 analysis acquire, interpret, analyze, assess, and evaluate information.
  4. MS 090a PreAlgebra outline: