Typhoon Sudal

Yap site of College of Micronesia-FSM


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Vocational Building

107_0724 (45K)

Inside Vocational building

107_0728 (52K) 107_0729 (45K)

Old Land Grant building

107_0725 (53K)

Force Ten Building Exterior

107_0735 (52K) 107_0736 (39K)

Computer laboratory roof

Roof of computer lab

Inside the computer laboratory. The room was flooded, will need an overhaul.

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High school classrooms

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Leftovers: What was left out of the above? "Heaps of trash and misery," according to the photographer, Dr. V.K. Murukesan. All photos by Dr. V.K. Murukesan, my thanks for his sharing of these.

107_0744 (68K)

A couple of pre-Sudal shots

Yap classroom 2 Yap computerlab (67K)yapclassroom1and2 (65K)

Impact of typhoon on a traditional house. Images courtesy of Director Lourdes Roboman.

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