Breakfast at Cliff Rainbow with Faculty Development Presenters

24 February 2007

This year the college brought in two specialists from Kapiolani Community College, Mary Hattori and Kristine Korey-Smith. Faculty learned about and discussed the approach to student learning outcomes, service learning, developmental education, and learning communities among many other topics. Of most interest to this author was the statement that "outcomes are not competencies." Not at the program level. By the end of the day this author understand the fundamental flaw that is fatal to the SLOAP concept outlined a year ago. The SLOAP plan attempts to measure program outcomes based on aggregated competencies. The sum of the part is not greater than the whole. The aggregated competency measures are not measures of program learning outcomes, not of the type of program learning outcome that Kapiolani is using. Kapiolani is simply operating on a higher level with the program outcomes being what their graduates can do for those who would hire them after graduation, not what collection of facts they have accumulated.

The morning after the sessions an informal breakfast meeting was held at Cliff Rainbow hotel. These images are from those meetings.

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