COM-FSM Graduation spring 2007


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Preparation time, anticipation of the event ahead. Elterina and Josmina are assisted by Marson.

Josmina Alik and Elterina Kilafwasru assisted by Marson.

Gina Nowell, Carolyn Santiago, and Evelynta Aizawa. Carolyn looks over her name slip.

Gina Nowell, Carolyn Santiago, Evelynta Aizawa.

Lost in thought, Lorrie waits for the processional while Lil Nedlic prepares secure her mortarboard cap with bobby pins.

Lorrie Lil Nedlic

0518226 (58K)

Usher Roxalyn Kaminanga. Elterina Kilafwasru.

Roxalyn Kaminanga Elterina Kilafwasru

Security staffer Kiatoa Ittu with FSM Secretary for Health, Education, and Social Affairs Nena S. Nena.

Nena S. Nena

Carolyn Santiago, Maria Spencer Womack.

Carolyn Santiago Maria Spencer Womack

Graduating classmates

Richard Womack and Jonathan Gourlay.

Richard Womack, Jonathan Gourlay

Ahser Edward, Spensin James.

Ahser Edward Spensin James

Delihna Ehmes



0518248gym (63K)

Gathered dignitaries.

Vice-president Alik Alik

Valedictorian Roger J. Gilimete delivers his valedictory address.

Roger J. Gilimete

The gathering after of family and friends

Belinda Welles, Lil Nedlic, Carsina Taulung, Stacy Nena, and Mirah Waguk.

0518263lil_carsina_stacy_mirah (55K)

Jazmin with Swinglen Nelber and Andreas Nelber II, joined by Roger Gilimete in the second shot.

Jazmin, Swinglen, Andreas II 0518265jazmin (63K)

Josmina Alik and Jo-Ann.

Josmina Alik and Jo-Ann

Jasmin and Bermin Weilbacher, Lil Nedlic.

Jasmin and Bermin Weilbacher Lil Nedlic

Elterina Kilafwasru, Carsina Taulung, Mirah Waguk.

Elterina Kilafwasru, Carsina Taulung, Mirah Waguk

VPIA Jean Thoulag and Dandihn Johnson

Jean Thoulag, Dandihn Johnson

Josephine Leebrug. Rensleen Joel.

Josephine Leebrug 0518276

Pohnpei campus valedictorian Marcia Kihleng with other members of Pohnpei campus associate of applied arts graduates.

0518277pohnpeicampus (65K)

Elterina Kilafwasru, Cantina Albert, Leesen Albert

Elterina Kilafwasru, Leesen Albert

Josmina Alik, Emliana Segal, cousins via a Nedlic family connection.

Josmina Alik, Emliana Nedlic Segal.


0518288kasinta (55K)

A room full of so many strangers can be bewildering to the youngsters.

0518293 (44K) 0518294tired_toomanypeople (59K)

Rhennay Leben.

Rhennay Leben

Hemlyn Soar.

Hemlyn Soar

0518299 (60K) Annie Amyda

Faculty, staff, and their relatives also celebrate the graduates. Sincerlynn, Bastora, Senolyn. Shrue Kilafwasru Lee Ling, Ketiner Kenneth.

Sincerlynn, Bastora, Senolyn. Shrue Kilafwasru Lee Ling, Ketiner Kenneth.

Mamerlyn, Srue Nifas Killin, Shrue Lee Ling, Shanalin Lee Ling.

0518306mamerlyn_srue_shrue_shanalin (54K)

Stacy Nena. Carsina Taulung.

Stacy Nena Carsina Taulung

Merleener Elias.

0518318 (59K)

Reverend Nena Kilafwasru, Robert Jonas, Ketiner Kenneth.

0518325nena_robert_ketiner (68K)

Phi Theta Kappa honor society charter members.

Phi theta kappans


Kosraean graduates

Health Career Opportunity students and alumni including Wevonne Billen, Jayleen Salvador, Clara Salvador, Amanda-Liza Nanpei, Tracy Tom.

Wevonne, Jayleen, Clara Amanda-Liza, Wevonne, Jayleen Future leaders

Eleanor Samuel

0518340 (68K)

Carsina Taulung, Romple Emwalu, Leesen Albert.

Carsina Taulung, Romple Emwalu, Leesen Albert

The snack spread was centered on local foods, including lots of ripe bananas. Which made many of the younger attendees quite happy. Others appeared to be demonstrating the not-actually-true aphorism that you have to crawl before you can run.

Banana baby Crawl

Vice President for Support and Student Affairs Ringlen Ringlen

VPSSA Ringlen Ringlen

Extended family.

Cantina Albert, Josmina Alik (Moses  and Josila Nedlic Moses), Emeliana Nedlic Segal, Lil Nedlic, Mamerlyn Tosie

Anniemarie Johnnyboy, Romple Emwalu

Anniemarie Johnnyboy, Romple Emwalu

Future graduate...

0518371futuregrad (37K)

It's all about knowing how to wear the cap or maybe the lei...

0518373futuregrad (39K) Shanalin

0518381nelbers_lil (77K)

0518382 (39K)

Herolyn Aizawa.

0518386 (42K)

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