COMFSM Graduation Spring 2005

Prior to the ceremony

Prior to the ceremony may be a time of pensive reflection over the past two years, thoughts of a time that is about to pass behind one, and happiness at the thought of a goal accomplished.
Arleen Tretnoff Grace Lynn Daunny 052102 (41K)

Joenson Nithan, Steve Nithan, McCartney Jonas, and Frida Allen.
Joenson Nithan Steve Isisaki McCartney Jonas Frida Allen

Joey Oducado, Pol Oducado, John Haglelgam.
Joey Oducado, Pol Oducado, John Haglelgam

Sepe Shrew with tufted blouse, Frida helps Kenye Waguk get ready.
Sepe Shrew Frida Allen and Kenye Kier Waguk

Guests and leadership. His excellency ambassador Yang Qiang, Secretary HESA Nena S. Nena, President Spensin James.
Yang Qiang and translator Nena S. Nena and Yang Qiang Nena, wife, President Spensin James


Parents gather.

His excellency ambassador Yang Qiang delivers the commencement address.
052118yang_qiang (61K)

Graduation dinner

Melanie Lawrence Aiseam, Johnston Albert, Padsipa Clark.
Melanie Lawrence Aiseam Johnston Albert Padsipa Clark

Sruf Waguk gathers for a family photo.
Kenye Kier Waguk and extended family

Arleen Tretnoff, Elaine and Erica Beyan.
Arleen Tretnoff 052135beyan (38K) Elaine and Erica Beyan

Steve Isisaki and McCartney 'Milson' Jonas

Up to her neck in leis, Grace Lynn Daunny celebrates with her family.
Grace Lynn Daunny

Frida Allen and Kesia Joe.
Frida Allen and Kesia Joe Frida Allen

Third year education graduate Harry Elley with Vivian Taulung, Emliana Gordon.
Vivian Taulung, Harry Elley Vivian, Harry, Emliana Segal

Kun Floyd at work photographing.
Kun Floyd, Virginia 'Bobo' Waguk

Tracy Ardos
Tracy Ardos Tracy Ardos

Joenson Nithan
052152joenson (33K)

Epel Ilon, Wilson Waguk enjoy a moment.
052153epel_ilon_wilson_waguk (54K)

Herbertson Santos Herbertson Santos

Valedicatorian Samuel Yiluy
Valedictorian Samuel Yiluy being congratulated.

Alilihna Sackryas with tuckered out partner at the end of the evening
052160alily_sackryas (43K)

Relinda Abellera

Botany question for college grads: what is wrong with this picture?
Dicranopterus linearus

Parting goodbye
Frida Allen

Maylanda Camacho
052168maylanda_camacho (59K)

Out and about around the multipurpose center
Relaxing afterwards Romple Emwalu and friends Cultural hut

Ushers headed home. Cynthia Nanpei
Cynthia Nanpei