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Go to computer A204-29 in the A204 math science computer laboratory on a Tuesday or Thursday.  You might have to ask a laboratory monitor (Gloreen Malakai, Cathy Ezekiah, or Carmen Chon) to bump a student from email to use the scanner.


Hyperlinks are another inline element.  The tag code for hyperlinks is a for "anchor."  A basic hyperlink code snippet will look like:

<p><a href="">Visit the Kosrae Village Resort</a></p>

Note that the anchor tag must be closed with a </a> element.  The href property is the destination URI. The text between the <a> and </a> elements is the text displayed on the web page. The above code snippet would have the following appearance:

Visit the Kosrae Village Resort


To determine if a web page conforms to the HTML 4.01 standard go to and upload the web page.  The Validator will inform you of any problems with the web page.


  1. Go to:   marlin.jpg (19230 bytes)
  2. Right click on the image and save the image to your floppy disk.  Add this image to your previous web page work with the appropriate tags.  The image is 194 pixels (picture elements) wide and 200 pixels in height.
  3. Add a hyperlink to that says "My favorite web site!" to your web page.
  4. Check your web page for validity.


Go to A204 on a Tuesday or Thursday with a photograph.  Scan the photograph.   Add the image to your web page.  Use your own name for the web page file name.   Use a unique, meaningful, lowercase file name for your image.  Email me both the web page and the image.  Come see me if you do not know how to attach files to your email.  Due: Tuesday 12 February 2002.

Check referer for 4.01 Strict validity
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