IS 201 Quiz 09

  1. Under HTML 4.01 Strict HTML tags such as <center> and <font> are deprecated. What is the meaning of a "deprecated" HTML element?

  2. The color keywords chocolate, sienna, papayawhip, and wheat are associated with which version of Cascading Style Sheets?
    1. CSS1
    2. CSS2
    3. CSS3
  3. Why are "insiders" considered a risk exposure by information systems personnel with respect to hacking?

  4. Write down a secure password for a mission critical business systems server.

  5. I have received an email from a friend with an attachment marked "christmas_holiday_card.exe"  What should I do?

  6. What is a firewall?

  7. What is a computer virus?

  8. What is an urban legend?

  9. I have received an email that tells me not to break the chain. To how many people should I forward the email?


  10. Can your employer legally monitor everything you do on the computer?

  11. Can the College legally monitor what web sites you visit?

  12. What do you see as the Micronesian cultural impact of the availability of online pornography?

  13. Should you be allowed to access pornographic web sites?

  14. Why should you or why should you not be allowed to access pornographic web sites?