Quiz 03

  1. What is the meaning of the term "vertical refresh rate" for a monitor?

  2. What vertical refresh rate should be avoided?

  3. The characters that the bank enters onto a check to represent the amount use a special ink to facilitate scanning. What is the name of this type of scanning?

  4. What does OCR stand for?

  5. List two ways to enter text from a printed page into a computer.

  6. Use the following text to produce a "fuchsia" background:
    <html><body bgcolor="fuchsia"></body></html>

    Describe the color fuchsia:

  7. What color is produced by the hexadecimal number A06000?

  8. Output from a printer is called:

  9. Who is using bar code scanning on Pohnpei?

  10. Who is using a touch screen on Pohnpei?

  11. Tell me why you would or would not want to use voice input.