IS 201 Computer Information Systems Lee Ling Name:

  1. Sketch a crude diagram of how a computer in A204 is connected to the Internet via the College servers and Telecom.

  2. If you are able to retrieve the COMFSM home page and not the page at FSM Telecom, where is the "break" in the line (between where and where?)

  3. What is "shark" in our network?

  4. If I unplug the network cables from the wall at the front of A204, will I be able to connect to the print server in A204 (

  5. What types of devices are setup in the Basic Input Output System?

  6. BIOS uses EEPROM, a special form of Read Only Memory. What is different about this ROM from standard ROM.

  7. Microsoft, Apple, and Linus Torvalds are the originators of some of the operating systems found on campus. What are the names of each of these three operating systems?

  8. What is the name of the Operating system on the computer in front of you at this moment?

  9. I spent some time describing the new operating system from Apple that should be on an Apple computer headed for my desk later this Fall. What is the key new feature of this operating system that distinguishes it from prior Apple OS's?

  10. Your book describes some different classes (types) of computers. The most powerful are supercomputers and the least powerful are usually the personal digital assistants. What are the types that come in between these two extremes?

    Which type is in front of you right now?

  11. Suppose my copy of Microsoft Word 6.0 on my 1996 computer is malfunctioning. Further suppose I have a workmate who has a new computer. Can I use his Microsoft Word 9.0 CDROM to repair my copy of Word 6.0?

  12. I'm teaching a computer class and I have a program I need the students to use. I buy a single license version of the program at CompUSA and install it on all the computers in the laboratory. Is this legal or illegal?

  13. Mr. Grant comes to visit you. He is from the United States Department of Agriculture. He wants to run a training program in the computer laboratory. He has software he needs to use to perform his training. The software is on a pair of unmarked floppy disks. He wants to load the software onto the computers in the computer laboratory. Will you let him?

    Why or why not?

  14. What is our school mascot?

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