IS 201 Midex Fall 2001 Name:

Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. What type of compressed file format should be used for the following photographic image? Marlin photo image What type of compressed file format should be used for the following paintbrush drawing? Paintbrush drawing
  2. What are some of the limitations of Random Access Memory?
  3. What can I do with a computer that has DVD drive that I cannot do with a computer that lacks a DVD drive?
  4. Who or what is "shark" in our campus computer network?
  5. Microsoft, Apple, and Linus Torvalds are the originators of some of the operating systems found on campus. What are the names of each of these three operating systems?
  6. What is the name of the Operating system on the computer in front of you at this moment?
  7. The new iMac computer in F105 runs a new operating system called OS X. What is the key new feature of the operating system that distinguishes it from prior Apple Macintosh operating systems?
  8. Write out the full name for the acronym CISC.
  9. Give an example of FIELD using the Excel spreadsheet database seen below: excel_as_database.gif (5944 bytes)
  10. Give an example of a RECORD from the Excel spreadsheet database seen above.
  11. A salesperson at CompUSA is trying to get me to buy a computer with a 64 bit bus as opposed to one with a 32 bit bus. What the heck is a bus and what do these numbers mean?
  12. Sketch a crude diagram of how a computer in A204 is connected to the Internet via the College servers and Telecom.
  13. Microsoft Office Small Business Edition (SBE) comes as standard software on all Micron computers purchased by the College. Microsoft Office Small Business Edition includes only Word, Excel, and Publisher. A few computers on campus on campus were purchased with Microsoft Office Professional which includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access. Microsoft Office Professional (MOP) costs an extra $200.00. A member of staff, Kofi, has a Micron computer that was purchased with Small Business Edition. Kofi wants me to install Microsoft Powerpoint from one of the CDs that came with an MOP equipped computer. What should I do? What should I say to Kofi?
  14. What is our school mascot?
  15. If the monitor exhibits a flickering effect that is bothering a user, what might I try adjusting to solve the problem?
  16. What does OCR stand for?
  17. List two ways to enter text from a printed page into a computer.
  18. Use the following text to produce a "teal" background: <html><head><title>Teal Background</title></head><body bgcolor="Teal"></body></html> Describe the color teal:
  19. Modify the above file as seen below, save the file, and refresh it in your browser: <html><head><title>Teal Background</title></head><body bgcolor="Teal"> <ul><li>Cats</li><li>Dogs</li></ul> </body></html> What did the <ol><li> codes produce? Pohnpei grlz
  20. What HTML tag produces a level one header on a page?
  21. What is output on a monitor called?
  22. Who is using a touch screen on Pohnpei?
  24. I found a really nice picture on the Internet I want to use on my web site. Can I use it on my website? Why?
  25. What is the meaning of :-) ?
  26. What is the storage capacity of a typical 3.5" floppy disk?
  27. What is wrong with the file name MS090.grades.Fall2001.xls under the Windows operating system?
  28. Toughie: What is wrong with the file name MS090.grades.Fall2001.xls under the practices I recommended for web pages being posted to a Unix operating system?
  29. The mouse on the iMac has no mouse ball.  What is on the bottom of the mouse in place of the mouse ball?
  30. The iMac computer in F105 has a web page at None of the other computers in F105 nor the A204 computer laboratory can respond to a Universal Resource Locator (a web address). For example, A204-22 has an IP address of but the URL does not produce a web page. Explain in as much detail as you can muster why the iMac can produce web pages but a computer such as A204-22 cannot.
  31. The ethernet 10Base-T cable in the laboratory is... (a) Twisted pair copper wire (b) Fiber optic cable (c) Coaxial cable (d) Microwave linked
  32. Spell out the acronym TCP/IP in full words.
  33. Circle the illegal IP address below: (a) (b) (c) (d)
  34. The Yap campus computers are part of the Palikir campus LAN. True or False?
  35. What is the function of the domain name server software on shark?
  36. What is the IP address of the computer in front of you?
  37. Does Mr. Lee Ling have a two headed baby?