IS 201 CIS Fall 2002 Quiz 06 Name: ___________________

collegelanwan (20K)

  1. What does LAN stand for?
  2. What does WAN stand for?
  3. What does NIC stand for?
  4. If the hub one is unplugged, what computers cannot surf the Internet? What is the transmission rate in bps for 10BaseT?
  5. What server service in Shark translates our internal IP addresses such as to external addresses such as
  6. What server service in Shark translates to
  7. Rewrite the following CSS commands using grouping:
    body {background:wheat;color:saddlebrown;font-family:georgia,serif}
    h1 {color:chocolate}
    h2 {color:chocolate}
    h3 {color:chocolate}
  8. Add a command to the following image tag to float the image on the left: <img src="" alt="Culture Day 2001: Yap">

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