IS 201 CIS Fall 2002 Quiz 05 Name: ___________________

  1. For what is modem a contraction?
  2. Theoretically, how many bits per second can a modem that is labeled 56K send through a phone line?
  3. On a page such as
    the manufacturer refers to their modems as being "56K*". Why the asterisk, or more precisely, what is the meaning to the asterisk?
  4. Having graduated with a shiny new CIS degree, your friend Amandaleeannaleen has turned to you for advice. Amandaleeannaleen wants to buy a computer so she can spend her nights chatting on instant messenger. Can the computer at
    connect her to the Internet via a telephone line? Alternate page location:
  5. What is a broadband connection?
  6. Why do we have to use a Document Type Definition in IS 201?
  7. What character set does the page at use?
  8. What does the word deprecated mean when applied to an HTML element?