IS 201 CIS Fall 2002 Quiz 03

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  1. Which one of these is not a valid screen resolution (circle the correct answer)?
    1. 640 x 480
    2. 800 x 600
    3. 1000 x 500
    4. 1024 x 768
  2. For what does CSS stand?

  3. The digital library project at the College involves a scanner and OCR software. For what does OCR stand?

  4. The primary technologies in use for monitors today are CRTs and LCDs. For what does CRT and LCD stand?

  5. You have graduated with your shiny, new CIS degree from COMFSM and are hired as the purchasing officer for a company. You are asked to order computers. In the process of ordering equipment you come across the following description: Intel® Celeron® Processor 1.40 GHz (w/256KB L2 cache) 810e Chipset 128 MB SDRAM Explain the meaning of each of the numbers in that description.
    1. 1.40 GHz __________________________________________
    2. 256 Kb ____________________________________________
    3. L2 cache __________________________________________
    4. 810e chipset ______________________________________
    5. 128 MB SDRAM ______________________________________
  6. Your supervisor is getting older and is having trouble reading the small print labels on the icons on her computer screen. She is running her 15 inch monitor at a resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels and in 24 bit 16 million color mode. What changes could you recommend that could help her? There may be more than one change you could recommend, list all that you can think of that would work. Plus one point for each valid, workable solution, minus one point for each invalid, non-workable non-solution. Use the back as necessary.

  7. Microprocessors fetch, decode, execute, and store computer instructions. These four processes constituted a single processing cycle for the computer and took from six to twelve or more clock cycles to complete for each individual instruction. Describe two ways in which modern microprocessors handle more instructions more quickly. Use the back as necessary.
Now the fake front: -->
  1. What is a bot?
  2. How many bots in a kilobot?
  3. What is the decimal value of the hexen number 666?
  4. What is the meaning of the prefix "megawati" in 128 megawatis?
  5. What is the meaning of the prefix "giga" in 2 gigaRentACars?
  6. What is an Avis?
  7. Can a computer have 64 MegaCars of RAM?
  8. For what does the abbreviation PNG stand?
  9. What is the name for the symbols @, ¥ and €?
  10. What is the name of the software found lying on top of all computers?
  11. What is software written for a group of unlike businesses called?
  12. Which compressed image file format is most appropriate for the following image: drawing.gif (1850 bytes)
  13. Which compressed image file format is most appropriate for the following image:keyboard.jpg (14021 bytes)

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