IS 201 2002 Spring Quiz 06

  1. Which of the following is not a deadly web page sin according to your text?
    1. Blank line paragraph separations
    2. Cluttered backgrounds
    3. Use of cascading style sheets
    4. Slow loading web pages due to large page sizes
    5. Horizontal rules
  2. A web that flows and resizes to fit any screen is
    1. a popsicle page
    2. an ice page
    3. a jello page
    4. a liquid page
    5. a pudding page
  3. What software do we use in the B102 computer lab to write HTML?

  4. Why does the textbook use UPPERCASE HTML TAGS but your IS 201 web page is required to use lowercase html tags?

  5. Why can't you use the html tags <center> and <font> in your IS 201 web page?

  6. What is identity theft?

  7. The text notes that HTML tags must be nested. It is not permissible, however, for sets of tags to overlap. What does the text mean when it says HTML tags must be nested without overlap? Give examples of correctly nested tags and overlapping tags in your answer.

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