Physical Science mash-up page for HTML5 testing

23 September 2007

Images from laboratory four

The basic set up: hot water in the large cup, room temperature water in the smaller cup.

The new HTML 5 img alt recommendation is being followed. The alt in the following image does not describe the picture, it is a sentence that flows naturally in the context of the surrounding prose when the image does not show. The title remains the tooltip text at least for FireFox.

There is a <br> tucked in the code below. This is a kludge to get around browsers not yet recognizing legend tag. For this reason, the legend tag follows the image and thus differs from usage I've seen in an article by Elliotte Rusty Harold. Unsure how to keep browsers maximally happy, I have enclosed the figure in a <p> block.

Styling the legend tag in the external css does not yet work in FireFox Nor does adding the style command to the legeng tag: FF is simply ignoring the tag. Still, this is graceful degradation at its best. New tags back from the future are not throwing FF for a loop.

The cups are joined by the element to be tested for heat conduction
Heat conduction apparatus

The conductors are hardware store finds: sections of six gage solid copper electrical wire, a zinc wall board fastener.

The copper wire conductor consisted of two wires to try to provide equal cross-sectional areas with larger pieces such as the zinc.

The lead bolt mount leaked badly, both onto the table and, later in the 11:00 section, across through the glue. By 11:00 so much glue was on the rig that the lead was no longer in sigificant contact with the water. And the water then leaked from the hot cup (higher water level) into the lower cup though some "tunnel" in the glue. Lead was simply problematic in both sections.

Named entitites may not internationalize, but who can remember the unicode codes in their head and live a real life? Glad to see that they work in FF • ² μ σ Σ

SC 130 Physical Science quiz 04 • Name:

  1. On Wednesday evening I jogged 4.69 kilometers in 31.00 minutes. Calculate my velocity (speed) in meters per second. Write your answer including units and correct significant digits.
  2. Use my velocity v in meters per second from number two above, my mass m of 64.7 kilograms, and the formula kinetic energy = 0.5mv² to calculate my kinetic energy in Joules Wednesday evening.
  3. List three ways to "move" heat:

    ____________________   ____________________   ____________________

MathML anyone?

Nope, not yet, at least not this way. Oh well. I want this!

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