Quicky Quiz 01

  1. What is the function of the central processing unit?

  2. Central processing units are often referred to by a Megahertz number, such as 100 Mhz, 350 Mhz, or 733 Mhz. Explain what these numbers mean.

  3. What happens if the fan on top of the CPU stops working?

  4. What is the function of Random Access Memory?

  5. What are some of the limitations of Random Access Memory?

  6. When I say that my computer has 192 Megabytes of RAM, what the heck is the meaning of the "192 Megabytes?"

  7. What is the function of the hard drive?

  8. What measurement system do we use to measure hard drive capacity?

  9. Why might the deletion of operating system files not cause problems until the next time the computer is booted?

  10. What can I do with a computer that has DVD drive that I cannot do with a computer that lacks a DVD drive?

  11. What is your email address?

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