Kosraen Chants!

Paas Kosrae!

Looking for Kosraean Ancient Chants! Or shall we put it this way, did you know that we also once had our own traditional chants used by our late ancestors? Well check 'em out! And also make sure to check out some of the sweet, island songs written by some of the Kosraen students attending the College of Micronesia-National Campus!

Our Island,Our Pride!


Long ago, our ancestors created chants for many purposes! Some were used for constructing temples such as "Insaru Lelu", and "Menka Utwe". Believe it or not, some could even control the weather, kill, and cure diseases. These chants were usually performed during special occasions or feasts such as wedding ceremonies, funerals, and last but not the least, during wars. Continually, not everyone could sing or recite these chants. In other words, different clans had their own chants in the old days, and it's a taboo to sing recite others' chants.

Special Occasions

Chant for Lifting!

Paas In Tohu!

Apkohn! Apkohn! Enga muta in sukar nga uloh itucl in ahtwem, nga sruhk tohu in ohr kapihn finsuhrao kapihs tuhlihk nuhtum.(Leader):yoh...oh...oh...(Response):Pacluh saekahs!(Leader):Ipaluh muhtuhntuhan!(Response):Tuhsruhk fuli!(Leader):Ipaluh muhtuhntuhan!(Response):Tuhsruhk fuli!

Chant for Pulling!

Paas In Ame #1!

Apkohn! Suhpansucl!Nihkihnihm in sroasrwo, nihkihnihm in sroasrwo, sroasrwo, sroasrwo, nihkihnihm in sraosrwo. Ac nga muhta lihkihn kuhta kuhneslah sifwen lahnguh. (Leader): Kacluhtuh malihp!(Response):Tihlemokrac!(Leader): Kacluhtuh malihp!(Response):Tihlemokrac!

Paas In Ame #2!

Apkohn! Suhpansucl! Lihkihn tawaswo, lihkihn tawaswo, tawaswo, tawaswo, lihkihn tawaswo. Koanu lihkihnyen, koanu lihkihnyen, kihrkihrlac, kihrkihrlac, iwal, iwal lihkihklihl, lihkihklihl, pahlisohsoh. Saapo likiyac noa srihsrihk, suhpwacma noa luhlahp, sisyom nowacl luo srwem fais soko, sahpo, sahpo!(Response): Sahpo!(Leader): Sahpo, Sahpo!(Response):Sahpo!

Chant for Pushing!

Paas In Ikwik!

Apkon! Apkon! Fien usr Melak wo! Fien usr Melak wo! Melak wo, Melak wo, fien usr Melak wo! Ac ipin pipiacnkuh acn fwal wo, kowackowact ikwot ikme enfahronekai, fwahe kowackowact!(Response): Ikwot!(Leader): Kowackowact!(Response): Ikwot!

War Chant!

Usually used for Canoeing!

Wanne! Wanne! Wanne! Fungwot na meet, tahkweswack ipom, wasngwen, insahru kowac uh!(Leader):Wasngwen insaruh! (Response): Kowac uh!

Names of Nights!

En Fong!

1.Maspang 2.Musaluhm 3.Muhsaon 4.Muhseit 5.Muhsoal 6.Latlato 7.Muhtoal 8.Sriacfong 9.Ahrfoko 10.Suhkanpar 11.Lohfsacn 12.Ohlwen 13.Fahkfong 14.Mwesr 15.El 16.Luhlti 17.Kawala I 18.Kawala II 19.Sohpahsr 20.Ahpnuck 21.Sohpahsr 22.Ohslacng 23.Kuhsahf 24.Suhna 25.Sroanpar 26.Arpi 27.ii 28.Srihpihp 29.Lingini 30.Linga Lucng

ON KOSRAE-Songs Composed by Kosraen Students at COM-FSM National Campus!

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