Legendaries and Languages of Kosrae

The Sleeping Lady and her four children


Long time ago there was a Lady who stay on Island called Kosrae who gives birth with four children, three boys and one girl.One day the mother got sick and she called upon her children to come forward to her so she can say something to them. The children were obeyed her and went forward to her.As the children approaches her, she started to tell them that if she dies there will be something mariacle happens to the island and she want to tell first berfore it happen so it won't scare the children. If she dies the island will changes into something that they had not yet ever seen before. Something miracle will happen to the Island. The Island they stays on will change into a new island, in which the formation will be a sleeping lady. The sleeping lady is the mother.After the mother died everything she told her children as come true. The island itself is a wonderful place. An Island that almost like paradise in heaven.

Sinlaku(God of Breadfruit)

Sinlaku!!!! Sinlaku!!!!! God of breadfruit, I wish for something special, bring breadfruit and bring fish. Back then people use to make wishes to Sinlanku. People from Kosrae never got into hunger, because of their God Sinlaku.....to be continue.....!!!!!

Rock Yesron(Lady and the Shell)

There once a Lady who plan to go fishing. On her way to the shore the rain started to fall hardly on her, so she decided to leave the shell(her thing) under a rock. She got worried that it might get wet so she hided under the rock in utwac.....to be continue...!!!!

Lost Daughter of the Mother EEl

EelLong time ago there was a half human eel who gives birth to a beautiful girl name Kenye. Kenye have a smooth and slippery body. Her body shines like sparkling diamond when sun rays shine on it's surface. Kenye's smooth body is slippery as a river eel. She also likes to sing, her voice is soft and sweet as fafa(local island flavor) and soft as echoes in the jungle. Everyday she goes out to a river near the shore of Lelu to swim there. She always sing when she goes to this river, a song that man had ever heard before, a sound that people had ever listen to it before. One day a king from Lelu was wondering around the Island of Lelu. Then as he approaches the river he heard a sound. A sound that he have not yet heard before.This sound is so soft and sweet, a sound that almost the same as angels singing in heaven Paradise. ......continue!!!!

A Killer Gecko

One stay then others can live...continue

More Inforamtion about Kosrae


To know more, about Kosrae, go to GOOGLEand type The Island of the Sleeping Lady

Kosraen Language Art



Len wo(Low-en-wow)Good Afternoon
Tuwo(Tu-wow)Good Mourning
Kewo(Kay-wow)Good Evening
Fong wo(Fo-ng-wow)Good Nignt
Pain Kom(Pa-in-Gom)Nice to meet you
Kom fuka(Gom-Fu-kah)How are you?

Idioms of Kosrae


  1. Sie-(see-hey)
  2. Luo-(Loo-wow)
  3. Tolu-(Do-Loo)
  4. Ahkosr-(Ah-Go-Sh)
  5. Limekosr-(Lee-May-Go-Sh)
  6. OnKosr-(On-Go-Sh)
  7. Itkosr-(Eat-Go-Sh)
  8. Alkosr-(Al-Go-Sh)
  9. Yuc-(Yuh)
  10. Singucul-(Sing-Yuc-Ul)

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