Island of Stone Money

The State of Yap stretches from 6 to 10 degrees North Latitude and 137 to 148 degrees West Longitude and covers over 100,000 square miles. The State is made up of many islands and atolls but the total land mass in the State is only 45.9 square miles - 38.7 of which makes up Yap proper. There are four volcanic islands that form Yap proper: Rumung, Maap, Gagil-Tomil, and Yap. Yap and Gagil-Tomil are the two largest islands and are separated by a canal finished during the German administration. Yap possesses a large number of cross island waterways, inlets and channels and an extensive shoreline that creates an illusion of greater size. On Maap, although much of the land is rugged and hilly, lush pockets of vegetation are visible in every direction. Red clay valleys and ridges are distinctive to Gagil-Tomil. And Weloy Municipality offers a spectacular view of Yap's ten municipalities atop its six-hundred-foot Tabywol Mountain.

Yap is known for its Stone Money. We are known in the world Guinnes book for having the biggest if not the most valauable money in the world. We are also famous for our cultures and traditions.

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