The land of stone money

The story of my island

Yap is a very small island in the western micronesia. It lies between Palau and Guam. This island is one of the most beautiful island in the pacific. It is surrounded with coconut tree and beautiful sandy beaches. There is hills and mountain. In the valley you can find some small rivers.

In the very old days there was a giant lizard staying out in the sea. This lizard started eating people when they went out in the sea. People having hard time traveling out in the sea. There was this boy I forgot his name plan to kill this giant lizard. So, he made a canoe and take out to the sea for testing. He went out and catch a fish took it back home and put it on the fire than sail around the island and come back and the fish were overcook and the fire were gone. He made other canoe and did the same thing but this time the canoe was much faster than the first one. He made the last one and that was the fast one he made. On the next day he went out to the sea and look for the biggest clam. When he found one he took it and put on the canoe than start looking for the giant lizard. Finally, he found the giant lizard. The boy make the lizard stick his head in the giant clam and the clam closed his mouth. The lizard tried to pull its head off but cannot because the clam would not get lose of it. The lizard starst swinging its tail and hitted the island. First swing hit the north part of the island and cut, then second he hitted the little in the south and cut and that was when it stopped because it does not have any power to swing for the third time.

After that giant lizard died everyone got happy because that young man made traveling easy out in the sea and to other islands nearby.

When you look at the map you can see what I am talking about.

You can visit Yap any time you want. That is the only way you can really see what I meant.

If you want to know more about YapGo to visityap

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