The Division of Puluwat


Once upon a time on Puluwat, which was once only one island, but now divided in to four, there lived these two brothers. The older one's name was Songeni and the younger one's was Soma, which means"ghost".Inherited by their father, they were crowned as kings during that time, entitling them as the "Protectors of the Island". As you may already know, in the old days our inheritance were trophies of war. The king brothers were very well respected, not only because they were kings, but because they were very strong, brave and most of all they were really huge. These brothers could just stand in the middle of the ocean and fish. They could grab any kind of fish that comes their way, either sharks, whales, you name them. When thirsty, they could just stand up and grab a coconut and drink. These boys were still young teenagers during this time which actually means that they were still more interested in having fun and girls than their great responsibility. And so it happened. Songeni was the first to see the girl, talked with her and asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted the offer then they got married.As every love story always go, this is how this story also go. Things had been going great for Songeni until charming young Soma played his moves.Soma being young and modest, Songeni's wife liked him very much.Having known this, Soma started out the secret affair, which was very disrespectful in our culture to do such thing in those days until now(if found out, the person be beheaded). On and on, Soma and Songeni's wife continued their bad habit. Until one night, Songeni was having trouble sleeping. He was just closing his eyes to make himself sleep when Soma entered his room and started talking to his wife. He heard everything and he knew exactly what was going on. When morning came, Songeni told Soma to come with him to go fix his house. There, Songeni picked a fight with Soma, where they battled.Putting every force on the earth so they could to stay put,they made the island, Puluwat, split into four.And that's the story of how it got divided!!!

Ever since then, until now, the people moved to the islands where it has the most taro patches and breadfruit trees. Instead of naming the islands the same name, they named the biggest and fertile one Puluwat and the rest, are named after the three sons of Songeni!!

  1. To Island
  2. Haw Island
  3. Alengelap Island
  4. Polowat Island
Songeni Soma Joshua Emwalu
Oldest Brother Youngest Brother Writer

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