The Little Changes


If you did not understand the word you just read, then "HELLO." On our island, the island of pohnpei, Kaselehlia simply means hello. Pohnpei is a small island located deep in the pacific. It is populated with over thirty thousand locals and outsiders. Pohnpei is a quiet little island that is full of life, and rich in tradition. Its truely a place to go to get away from it all.

Pohnpei, like everywhere else, is slowly developing modern lifestyles. Everyone is getting cars, cell phones, DVDs, cd players, the works. You name it, we got it! But we the people of Pohnpei still cherish what we are and where we came from. We still do things our way.

Sure, we have a government now and we have leaders of this government. But we still have our traditional leaders, and our traditional "government." We got cars and boats all over this small island. But you will still find people traveling great distances in canoes and on foot. We see how other people from great nations party in style. We have our own ways to party. They party in suits and gowns, we party in dirty rags. To them the cleaner they are the better recognized they will be. To us, the dirtier we look, the more recognized we will be. Sure, most men and women here work desk jobs now, but I can quarentee that on weekends, the very same men and women will be working their nine-to-five jobs in the woods planting yams and my personal favorite "SAKAU."

Over the years, our small island, Pohnpei, has developed a great deal. Western cultures are in full bloom, but we do not let it get in the way of our old ways. Though it may not look it, we love our culture and we cherish our lifestyles. In my personal perspective, this small island will keep growing, but I strongly believe our ways are not going anywhere. We are born Pohnpeians, and we are going to die Pohnpeians. No matter how hard the outside world will try to change us we will always be what we were born to be; Pohnpeians. We will keep on walking our walk, We will still talk our talk, and we will always "DO IT ON THE ROCK!!"


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