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Nirvana on Dublon Island


Amid the grandeur of the 11 major islands in Chuuk Lagoon stands the island of Dublon where Nirvana can be found. Nirvana means perfect peace; it had been resided the island of Dublon since the coming of Christianity to Micronesia... Long before the coming of the Missionaries to Micronesia, Dublon was like a battle field. It seemed that the native people of Dublon were uncivilized. All they ever dreamt of was, War-to wake up the next day and fight for leadership. But at certain times, the island of Dublon became a wonderful place.

How Nirvana came upon Dublon Island

During the Christian missions in Micronesia, intervillage warfare on Dublon island was still going on because of Missionaries failure attempts to bring christianity into Chuuk Lagoon. However, a man from Kitti(PNI), by the name of Moses, brought christianity into Chuuk Lagoon. Moses made several trips to Chuuk but not to the Lagoon. In 1874, Moses made a successful attempt to bring christianity to Lukunor and Satawal; in 1878,he made another successful attempt to Nama. During his mission on Nama island, he met a chief from Uman-one of the islands in the Lagoon. There he was greeted by the Chief and he christianized the Chief. In 1879, Moses made his first attempt to Uman and it was a successful one. That was the time when christianity was accepted by the Lagoon islanders. By the time christianity was brought to Chuuk Lagoon, Nirvana was finally settled on the islands in the Lagoon especially on Dublon island. Perfect peace was upon Dublon island from that time until today.

If you want to know more about the peacefulness on Dublon Island, it is much better that you go to Dublon island to observe Nirvana on your own

  1. Buy yourself a Plane Ticket to Chuuk
  2. Go to Chuuk State
  3. Your plane will land on Weno
  4. On a motorboat, travel southward
  5. Dublon is a high-mountainous volcanic island in the Southern region


Dublon Island

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