Pollap Island is a small outer island of Chuuk State in the FSM. It is located west of Chuuk State. Itself along with three other islands - Polowat, Pulusuk(Houk), and Tamatam - grouped together as the Pattiw Islands and are also known as the Western islands for the other three islands are also located west of Chuuk State as well as Pollap Island.

new photo u (25K)On the island of Pollap, there is one culture, one religion, one traditional lifestyle, one language and a custom. Our way of living and lifestyle is very far different from all places' and islands' lifestyles even in the Chuuk Lagoon. Here you will see, know, and observe some of the important things in the life of the islanders (Pollapese).

One of the most important thing on our island is a local boat (not pictured) and we used to call it "manew". It is very attached to the way we live or to the culture and custom of our island. It symbolizes the island history, knowledge, and skills in navigation and how important it is to us until today.

Check out the island style! The island's custom is also the most important part of our life and culture. These are some pollapese women (pictured above, right side) and a man (pictured at the bottom, right side) presenting the island - local - style, how both men and women dressed. As you can see and observe, the way we dress is uniquely different from the way other people and cultures wear their dresses. It is the simplest way too.

Jus (uncle) (38K)There are more but less important than these two mentioned and pictured above and bottom right side. The local boat "manew"(not pictured) and the island's custom are the two most important parts of the Pollapese' life and culture. Without them, the culture will seem to never exsist and the life of the islanders will be a very terrible, and unorganize life.

I hope someday you can come out and experience the life on the island, and the culture yourself. Everywhere you will go, you will find friendly people offering you the best of our local food and coconuts and would want to tour you around the island too. So, come and enjoy visiting our small and beautiful island, Pollap Island.

Once again the islanders' lives and styles (Pollap island). I appreciate your visiting. I hope you find it interesting and come back to visit it more often.

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