Pingalapese Flies

The invasion of the flies

Long before the world war two there was a typoon that hit the island of Pingalap. There were few people died. Few were injured and many more were drowned to the sea. After the typhoon, They say that the Flies became enlargened. My grandfather told that when he was my age there were noflies around. People used to fish and farm. They don't eat in houses. They would gather food together and eat in the open. He also says that after the typhoon he also survived and that after that the flies than came durng seasons. He said the most flies comes during the summer. So during summer all the boys and girls would gather coconut palm and brut fruit slime and make a flie trap. They would cook the coconut with the slime and set on mats and sheets and flies would the the sweet to try to eat the sweet and than trapped. Orginally they were trying to stop nature but stopping nature is playing with the wrath of creator. we cannot to this stop what as been set by nature. The fl! ies are part of the of the big world. For a little opinion the Island of Pinglap is blessed with flies.

Welcome to the hell of flies

During the summer of 1978 the flies to increase more and more. On the island they say that flies comes from no dogs and frogs to kill them. The pingalapese people say they don't like dogs because most dogs are thiefs and some dogs are very noisy. Now if you went to the island you won't see a single little bubby. In the mid 90s they all the dog on the Island. That day many people witness the terrible sacrifice. In the mornning of that day. The chief of police annoucned that everyhouse that have a dog must kill every single. That night the islanders drow a great big feast.

The instinct of the dog made the flies appear constantly. The island was full of flies no one ever talk about the flies but if you go to the pingalapese island today you will see you cannot eat without flies. The avoid of dogs and frogs made the island suffer the flies poisonous mouth. Flies are very dirty. They are also diseases spreader. As we can see most of the pingalapese people have rabies all over their bodies.

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