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Kapingamarangi is a tiny atoll that you may have a hard time looking for it on a map. It is located in the Federated States of Micronesia and it is one of the outer atolls of Pohnpei locating southwest of the island of Pohnpei about 448miles. The atoll includes 32 other islands that lie in a round shape around 8km (6miles) wide lagoon. Some people called the island "Green Which Atoll" (Kilinit-altenate name), for the meaning is that the island is a green sheet floating on the ocean. And Kapingamarangi is Kilinit....

This is the old bridge in Kapinga and they rebuild it since 1999

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Kapingamarangi Atoll!

Modernly speaking Kapingamarangi have adopted their way of life to the foreign countries such as depending on money. The islands' arable land can no longer support more people eventhough the population is growing very rapidly.However, with their knowledge of life, they had been able to manage, they carve,fishing,trade, work on such profits, Go to school and many other works that deal with their new life.Education now is their first priority to their life and they understand that they are loosing their old living standard.They subsist on limited local food resources. They get assistance from its state (Pohnpei), by transporting food supplies by field ships every other months.It is very hard for them to live if the ship is late to drops some foods on the island while some stores on the island ran out of food supplies. Starvation may be happen.....

One thing about the island (my Own experience) it is in the process of sinking 'cause each islets are getting smaller years after dozen years.it causes by the sea level, used of sand and stones, strong wind and rarely they don't rebuilt, regrow, and farming. We don't know yet if it is a true matter or not. The sun is getting hotter than before, the area zones are getting worst for growing plants. The two droughts that had happened not too long ago maybe one of the cause to the atoll and life is getting harder to them too.