Visit Pakin Atoll

Its all begins here on a tiny small island named Pakin.

My self

This is where I was raised up. This is the island of Pakin. This is my adopted father that was raised me on this island. Here I am standing on the beach eating sasimi. My mother is on the other side holding on my cousin Augustin. Even I myself could not remember when the picture was taken but sometimes after that day I finally able to realize that someday I would put this down as a record.

Pakin is a tiny atol located Southwest of Pohnpei island. This is were my journey begins and it is the beginning of memory. Pakin is made up of 19 tiny island. Among those tiny island only 5 of the islands are settled by people and the 14 small island were just bird islands. The named of the island that are occupied are Nikalap, Painpwul, Osechik, Olamwun, and Mwanid. All the bird islands were called Chemweina.

Osechik Chemweina Nikalap

This is the beach of the island of Osechik. The second biggest island in Pakin. On the other side as you can see in this photo is the very end of Mwanid.The third biggest island. Mwanid is located at the end of the row as you look from West to East. The fouth biggest island is Painpwul and it located on the right of Osechik. It is not showing in the pictures but there are people living on it now a days.

This photo is taken on a the beach of one of the Bird Islands. Facing to the East side and the island that are showing from left to rigth is starting from Osechik, Olamwun, and Mwanid. Olamwun is the smallest island that people also live on as for today At the back of the islands you can see Pohnpei island in dark blue color its about 30 miles from the Attol.

This Picture is taken at the North side of the main island in Pakin named Nikahlap. The picture is facing up to the Northeast of Mwanid as it shown. Beside the beach where the picture is taken there is a chanel hre where boats enters when coming from Pohnpei. The only boats that can fit inside the chanel is the 19 and 23 feet long fibber class boats.