Semrina's Nan Madol Page

nan madol ruins Most intriguing of all of Pohnpei's spectacles are the ruins of Nan Madol, and ancient Venice-like city from which it said, the Saudeleurs ruled Pohnpei. Nan Madol is made up of some 92 man made islets. The major buildings were constructed of immense stone logs, six meters long weighing several tons.

Some of these logs are stacked crisscross to form walls 12 meters high and five meters thick! Also because of the huge size (80 hectares), it is impossible to see more than a handful of islets on any one trip.

Pohnpei island's shoreline is mostly covered by mangrove swamps and some artificial beaches have been created to allow easier water access. The nearby atoll islands however, boast magnificent beaches. The island abounds is tropical forests, cascading mountain streams, spectacular waterfalls, hidden pools and exquisits flora.

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